Deep Light Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Deep Light Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable and competent solar photo voltaic company in Nepal. It has been providing the service in all parts of the country especially in the remote area where the electricity is still away from the people for lightening purpose. While providing the services we have been maintained business norms, NIPQA standards and AEPC/ESAP guidelines. As we know that the many number of families of the remote area of the country are deprived of the electricity from the national grid, therefore this SHS program conducted by AEPC is really appreciating example of work for the electrification with the help of solar energy



“Pre Qualified Company in installation of Solar Home System

 by Alternate Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)”


“Load shedding No Problem, we have a solution of

Solar Energy with lots of experience in the installation of Solar System”



Remember us for:

Solar Panel

Solar Water Heater

Solar Batteries

Solar Charge Controller

DC Solar Lights/ Street Lights

Installation and Commission of Institutional Solar Systems


"We serve for quality with guarentee"


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